111SHENZHEN WORLDFUL HARDWARE ELECTRIC CO.,LTD Belonging to the modernization of theproduction-oriented enterprises.Our Company through the ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification£¬By the electronic wire factory, tin-copper plant factory£¬Our company belongs to the general taxpayer Enterprise£¬Have the right to operate import and export£¬Products 100% in line with the EU ROHS (SGS) and the REACH requirements of environmental standards£¬We always adhere to the "excellent quality and quantity to win" high-quality low-cost operating strategy£¬Is committed to providing all customers with more value-for-money products and services£¬To enhance the ompetitive advantages of electric wire, we have our own factory of tinned copper wire£¬Try all products in the quality and prices are absolutely competitive advantage is that all employees worldful always the force behind the struggle.

1¡¢Worldful Tinned copper wire factory specializing in the production of nearly a thousand species of 0.05 ~ 3.0mm standard tin copper wire,
bare copper wire and stranded wire a variety of requirements.

2¡¢Worldful electric wire factory production line of high temperature and general electronic passed UL/ CUL certified£¬Its products include t
he following 14 major series, Representative models: UL 10362/1332/3122/3135/3265/1430/1015/1007/2468/1061Including:
1)¡¢ 200¡æ Braided Silicone High-temperature Wire£¨UL/CUL 3122,3071,3074,3075, 3068,3069£©£»
2)¡¢ 150¡æ/200¡æ Silicone High-temperatureWire(UL3135,3123,3132,3172,3512)£»
3)¡¢ 250¡æ Teflon(PFA)High-temperature Wire(UL/CUL 10362,UL1726,10129,10485,10503)£»
4)¡¢ 200¡æ Teflon(PFA)High-temperature Wire(UL/CUL 1710,1857,1859)£»
5)¡¢ 200¡æ Teflon(FEP)High-temperature Wire£¨UL/CUL 1332,1330,1331,1333£©£»
6)¡¢ 150¡æ High-pressure and high-temperature silicone wire£¨UL/CUL 3239 150¡æ/3KV~30KV£©£»
7)¡¢ 125¡æXL-PE Wire(UL/CUL 3173,3265,3266,3271£¬3195£©£»
8)¡¢ 105¡æXL-PE Wire(UL,CUL 3302,3385,3386)£»
9)¡¢ 105¡æXL-PVC Wire£¨UL/CUL 1430,1431, 3443£©;
10)¡¢80¡æ/105¡æPVC Wire£¨UL/CUL 1007,1015,1028,1095,1571,2468£©£»
11)¡¢2~32Unit Side-by-side line Series Electric Wire(UL2468)£»
12)¡¢2~32 Unit Color Side-by-side line(Dedicated computer chassis) Series Electric Wire£»
13)¡¢80¡æ SR-PVC Electric Wire£¨UL/CUL 1061, 1571£©£»
14)¡¢200¡æ/150¡æ Silicone+Teflon Series Electric Wire£»

3¡¢Worldful wire processing plant through the Ministry of UL / CUL Wiring Harnesses certification, undertaking a variety of E-Line and metal
terminals found riveting; plastic terminal wiring harness assembly and other processing business.

111Our company has strong R & D capital and technical strength, a wide range of experienced professi-onals¡¢Sophisticated production pr
-ocesses and quality management experience, strong marketing and service capabilities¡£In order to ensure superior quality products, the
Company has a well-UL standard laboratory£¬We have a UL-type aging ventilation standard boxes, horizontal and vertical combustion tester,
a sophisticated imaging device, Rockwell hardness tester, salt spray tester, torque tester, micrometer, gauge, pass only the regulation, the
Central Regulation, plug gauge, dental and other testing instruments regulation¡£In addition to our company's products in China's electronic
and electrical appliances industry, electric devices industry, lighting industry, electric motor industry, IT industry has a market share of foreign,
We are the world's countries through agents or directly exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Britain, Brazil, Canada,
Italy, Iran, Egypt, Indonesia, Argentina, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong Taiwan and other countries .

111For creating superior quality products and superior price competitiveness, we have full use of Japan, Taiwan advanced fully automated
production equipment; product testing facilities, all kinds of advanced automatic production and test equipment 100."To become a model for the industry's most respected" is worldful employees of all the common pursuit of business goals, we are looking
for colleagues to work together with the struggle to create a more beautiful, brilliant tomorrow!